Who we are?

The Friends of the Allen County Airport is a nonprofit group which provides people or businesses the opportunity to donate money and/or assets to improve the future of the Lima Allen County Airport.

What are the purposes of the friends of the Allen Co. Airport?

  • To operate exclusively for such charitable and educational purposes as a not for gain or individual profit
  • To support education and to educate the public about aeronautics and aviation
  • To develop leaders in the aviation industry by encouraging students, of any age, how best to prepare for a career in aeronautics and aviation
  • To promote the broadest understanding and respect for aviation and aviators who protected this country under conditions of war and peace
  • To work with similar groups at the state and national levels in order to promote the same goals

Our Affiliates

We are a 501c(3) subsidiary of the Lima Community Foundation, an organization which accepts gifts for the benefit of the Friends of the Allen County Airport.

The Lima Community Foundation has been established for over 50 years and is a group that handles many other nonprofits around the Lima area.

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