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Current News

Join us this Friday June 16th for the arrival of Sentimental Journey a WW2 B17 Bomber. Arriving weather permitting at 3:00 p.m. local time and a possible media flight.

Rides and Tours start on Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

This is a once if a life opportunity to fly in one of the last WWII B-17 Bombers!

WW2 B17 “Sentimental Journey” was to arrive at noon to 1 p.m. weather permitting, but has been delayed again. The new arrival time is now 3 p.m. Friday. No tours or rides will be given Friday (media flight exception?). Join us  Saturday and Sunday (17th and 18th) for tours and rides. We and the Arizona CAF apologize for the delays! THANK YOU

We are pleased to announce the return of ” B-17 Sentimental Journey” with the Flying Legends of Victory Tour

Rooms proudly sponsored by the Howard Johnson INN and transportation sponsored by ABC Rental of Lima, Ohiohojo

abc rental 2

Attention all pilots arriving/departing from KAOH

Indy Center “Approach” 128.075 will now be Columbus Approach on 4/27/2017





Fuel Prices

AVGAS: $4.22/gal

JET-A w/ Prist: $3.46/gal

 Full Service Fueling Trucks

Runway Construction

Attention All Pilots and Hangar Tenants

Runway 10/28 Closing on July 31st, 2017 for items listed below
1.Runway 10/28 Rehabilitation;
2.Runway 14/32 Removal;
3.Taxiway A and Apron Repairs; & 4. Rotating Beacon with Tower Replacement
Project Starts July 31st, 2017.
Please read your NOTAMS
Ramp will be open for Rotorcraft, please call prior to arrival.
Construction performed by “The Shelly Company” and expected to be closed for 6-8 weeks weather permitting.

Oshkosh travelers please feel free to land before construction starts! Oshkosh departures will more than likely have to refuel at another airport. Call us anytime at 419-227-3225 for up to date construction progress reports. See WORD Document below for construction schedule and phases

Attention all pilots arriving/departing from KAOH

Indy Center “Approach” 128.075 will now be Columbus Approach on 4/27/2017






Monthly Meeting Notice

Our monthly meeting takes place the 4th Wednesday of every month at 4:00PM located at the Lima Allen County Airport. Come to the terminal building and join in the discussion!

"Best service and fuel prices around! Really Friendly!"

− Pamela Beckett

"Just right service for our Turbo Commander N900NE recently. Nice lobby for all pax and crew needs. Rental car service very good on-ramp. Thanks folks. Well done. "

− Kent Magnuson

"Very nice facility with excellent service. Staff is great to work with. Fuel is always lower priced than most NW Ohio Airports. "

− Benjamin Evans

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